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rainbow watercolor print available on Velvet, Twill and Chiffon for all types of home decor products.  Bright rainbow tones saturate watercolor artwork.  Bright Aqua bring facets of light with pops of color.

**This print is a 40" printed PANEL and can only be sold by 40" segments** If you need help deciding how many panels youll need, please feel free to reach out.


Available for print on:

10.9 Oz Poly Velvet- Velvet upholstery fabric, home decor, heavy bedding

6.5 Oz Crushed Poly Velvet- Crushed velvet upholstery, general upholstery, drapery, decor, bedding

213 GSM Recycled Brushed Twill- light upholstery, home decor, bedding

1.2 Oz Poly Chiffon -Sheer drapery


Shown in Twill


Artwork Digitally Printed: 40" PANEL, 28" horizontal repeat


*Please see About our Fabrics section for more fabric info*

Rainbow Watercolor Upholstery Fabric

1 Yard
  • 10.5 Oz Poly Velvet
    100% Polyester velvet that is buttery smooth with a slight sheen. This quality gets bold colors and great wear.

    9 Oz Crushed Poly Velvet
    100% Polyester velvet with crushed hairs gping in various directions. this print has a ton of sheen and light texture added to the final outcome.  Very soft and versatile

    8.5 Oz Brushed Twill
    70% polyester, 30% Cotton Twill is perfect for more casual projects, with a lighter feel, this is closer to your medium weight upholstery fabrics. Twill does have a slight texture to the weave that ill be visible under the print but this is an ideal option for a matted, casual finish similar to medium weight linens and cotton canvas

    1.2 Oz Poly Chiffon 
    100% Polyester Chiffon is a beautiful sheer fabric that drapes wonferfully. This is suitable for sheer drapes and will finish slightly less saturated as this quality is our lightest option available. we do not recommend this for upholstery, or home decor.

    All our prints are digitally printed to ensure the most accurate artwork and colors depicted.  Colors will vary screen to screen, phone to phone, real life to digital. weve shown our prints in both artwork and printed to show how wonderful our printers are at their jobs :)

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